I provide legal assistance to businesses at all phases of their existence: from start-up, through day-to-day operations, to an exit strategy should the need or desire arise. My clients range for one-person, home-based enterprises to multi-million dollar companies with distributed operational sites.


bullet General assistance to entrepreneurs
bullet Formation of corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships
bullet Advice on drafting business plans
bullet Assistance with raising capital
bullet Getting the management team and employees signed up
bullet Applications for trademarks

On-Going Operations

bullet Preparation and review of leases and other contracts
bullet Employment issues
bullet Regulatory compliance
bullet Acquisitions of other businesses
bullet Day-to-day issues with vendors, contractors, customers, and competitors
bullet Business litigation

Exit Strategies

bullet Sale of business entities
bullet Sale of specific assets
bullet Buy-outs of key persons
bullet Debt resolution without bankruptcy
bullet Dissolution of business entities
bullet Referrals to (and assistance with) other specialists (e.g., securities, bankruptcy)